Break Free Now From Clutter

Are you ready for some new inspired energy and to step into a fresh start, new hope & possibilities? Last week I had clients tell me they were ready to clean up from the inside out meaning ready to conquer the piles of clutter they’ve been avoiding both physical & mental. Some clients simply were good to themselves guilt free and gave themselves, they invested in the thing they had been dreaming about or they decided to take up a new hobby. Other clients literally took much bigger steps in personal responsibility, deciding to stop making excuses, improve their financial well being and commit to more action for an extended period rather than on & off again.

Last week during my session with Ellen (I respect honor confidently therefore I will never use a clients real name) we discovered what her over filled closets really represented. The impact of over stuffed closets was symbolic of her relationship with HERSELF.

You see, the clutter in our lives is not there because we are lazy, don’t have time, are overwhelmed or unfocused that is all cover up – clutter is about a deeper issue. Tolerating clutter is a sure way to living a mediocre life.

When we want something bad enough we do whatever it takes to make it happen. I have personal experience with this one & I watch many of my clients take on this attitude. It works 100% full proof. To me it’s one of the boldest actions one can take.

When we chose to conquer the clutter in our life it frees us up to take action on the things that matter most to us. When we awaken to the real reason we are tolerating clutter in our physical space or mentally – we gain freedom to fly – higher than we can possibly imagine.

Here are 4 important questions to ask yourself so you can break free from clutter.

This week Empowerment Assignment: Grab your journal and answer these questions.

  1. Understand what you are getting out of the clutterThe only reason you have clutter is because it gives you something even if it’s not something good.You must be getting something out of that clutter, right?I asked my client Ellen this question last week. She said “what?” I then said, “Ellen we only tolerate things in our life because we get something out of it. Whether it’s good or bad so tell me what’s the pay off for your clutter.” At first she resisted the question and then really opened up to what the question had to offer her – Insight. In just a few moments her truth appeared.Ellen said in a very quiet voice ” What I get out of my clutter is I get to stay covered up in it and not be inactive in creating the life I want. I can continuously focus on the mess instead of facing my fears about moving forward.”Clutter was Ellen’s cover up for keeping it safe and staying small.Not moving towards her dreams and living her ideal life. If Ellen hides behind the clutter she wouldn’t upset anyone. Her fear is she may upset people if she actually left her job and started her own business. She was afraid to break out of the roles assigned to her.

    Nice women are meant to break out of the assigned roles especially if they’re not happy in them, if it will better their life, people around them and the world.

    She also realized she didn’t have to look her life in the eyes and get honest. Clutter allowed her to avoid the conversation she needed to have with herself, it created an illusion of keeping her safe from changing her career path and kept her at a safe enough distance from pursuing her dreams.

    All Ellen got out of clutter was to focus on it and talk about instead of being BOLD and taking action to change her life.

  2. Who Would You be Without Your Clutter?Ellen told me she would be so happy she was honoring herself, she would stop feeling so bad for not honoring herself, she would be more bold and get her sexy back (she did say it). She would actually claim her voice and start her own business; she would enroll in the dance class she also wanted to, and she would actually want to be closer with husband.Write down who you’d be with out you clutter.Examples:Focused
    On time

    More creative



    Greater self-confidence.

    More Energy

  3. Do you want to take action to be that person listed above? YESNO
  4. STOP Looking the Other way (YOU deserve this to be clutter free): Decide to commit to look at the clutter and learn. Take ACTION.Answer these questions:
    • What needs cleaning up in your life and your closets?
    • What are your options for actively making this happen?
    • Can you do this alone or do you need support?
    • Who could offer you the best support?

    Examples: yourself, friend or a coach to give your support and accountability.

Make Your Plan to be Clutter Free this Spring

Make a list of what you need in place to clean your clutter out. Devise your plan of action & get support if you need. For most women we resist support (I know I used to be a pro at this). Open yourself to accomplish this with ease by allowing yourself to set up any support you may need. Outsource hire someone to remove the table you haven’t used in years, the broken exercise equipment that’s collecting dust, take the bag of cloths to Goodwill. Ask a friend to come over get iced lattes, make it fun and go to work. Than reward yourself perhaps with a pedicure. Next would be to decide what support you need to create your master life plan of getting clear and moving in the direction of living on purpose.