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Do you have a deep knowing 
your life was meant for more?

Dear Gorgeous,


Do you ever feel like something's "missing" in your life? 


I used to feel the same way.


My heart was yearning for the missing piece.

The thing that was going to bring me alive.

To feel like my life was what I always dreamed it would be:

delicious, fulfilling, exciting.


You might feel guilty because you have a good life, but it's just not enough.


Or maybe you’re frustrated because you realize there’s a disconnect from what you currently have and what you really want.

You might want to travel abroad and enjoy the pleasure of spending time in beautiful places.

You might want money and freedom to leave your job and do what you want, when you want.

You may want to feel loved and desired in your relationship, or have more intimacy in your life.

Maybe you’re ready to be loved and celebrated for exactly who you truly are

You might just want purpose and passion again and feel excited about your life.

Or…you might want ALL of these things.


You see, there’s a BIG reason why most women struggle and don’t have what they really want.


As women, we've been taught not ask for to much. 


We settle for small rather than ask for, plan for and OWN the BIG THINGS…

  • In Your LOVE Life

  • In Your Ability to TRAVEL

  • In Your Body and HEALTH

  • In your MONEY


“I was stuck in a rut professionally and needed to get my business to the next level. It had been 6 years since I started my business and I was getting too comfortable and not challenging myself. Karen invited me to join BBR Life Mastery Program. We’ve been friends for a few years and she has always been an inspiration and a positive energy in my life. I accepted her invitation and after several weeks, I made some changes. I have 2 national show pitches coming up in the next 2 weeks and have started the RAW diet to start a healthier way of life and nurture my body. Each week, I leave the con call with a few pieces of advice that I apply to every day living. It’s like I have Karen Fagan’s voice inside my head throughout the day helping guide me in the right direction. In only a matter of weeks, I have taken action and made some big changes. Long live Karen Fagan!”

Christine Bohler

What are you not believing you can have right now?


Whatever it is, I'm here to tell you... 

Not only do you deserve it, 

you're meant to have it. 


After coaching and working with all types of women over the last decade, I’ve learned how to quickly get you from that




and (worst of all, in my opinion) BLAH place in your life to…
KNOWING and DECIDING what you want and QUICKLY getting or creating it.


Maybe it’s time for you to…


*GET the man or pleasure-filled relationship you want.

*CREATE the healthy, strong body you deserve.

*TAKE the exotic and LUXURIOUS travel you desperately want.

*MULTIPLY your money and prioritize where it goes.


It all comes down to 3 things:

1. Clarity

2. Confidence

3. ​Consistency

=More Cash




Sounds simple, right?




Then why doesn’t everyone have the health, the sex, the money, the travel, the passion, the confidence…the LIFE they want?


Here’s the answer:


Either the goal isn’t CLEAR. The path isn’t RIGHT. Or you don’t BELIEVE you can have it.


If you’re not EXACTLY where you want to be right now, it’s because of one - or all - of those things.


Don’t feel bad. We don’t do things until we’re REALLY ready.


And sometimes we don’t do things because we haven’t had the right support in our lives.


I mean, let’s face it, the ones who love us most aren’t usually the most supportive.


Our friends don’t always “get” what it is we’re really trying to do or achieve.


And sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.



"Before working with Karen I was stuck in my personal life, which ultimately impacted other areas of my life. I was very distracted with things, like my relationships with men and why my life was not working that I didn’t stay on task with the items of priority in my life or enjoy life in the way I said I wanted to. I was so focused and set out to find what was missing in my life I wasn’t being present to all the amazing things I had currently in my life. Karen was a direct compassionate force to propel me forward. She held me extremely accountable to myself, and did not let one excuse slip by. We strengthened my blind spots. Coaching with Karen has connected me to my personal power, and I have achieved greater personal and professional success from it. I am much more happier, productive, confident and feel great. I have truly learned the meaning of self-love and the application of it through my work with Karen. She has been instrumental and one of the most motivating people I know."

Patty McHenry

The Mentorship is a high-level society for women who are READY to receive the coaching they need to take their lives to the next level…on EVERY level.


If you can’t stand to wake up ONE MORE DAY without your life being everything your heart is telling you it could be...


…To truly find purpose and feel passion again.


…To create healthy, vibrant and exciting relationships.


…To feel confident, sexy and alive in your own skin.  


…then you’re the perfect candidate for coaching with Karen


I’m going to show a few, ambitious women my never-before-taught "Fagan Formula".


It’s the exact formula I used to make multiple six figures in my business, write a book, leave a toxic relationship, have more love in my life, compete in several fitness competitions, have the body I’ve always wanted, and get rid of everything I owned and move cross-country to live in beautiful Los Angeles.


I did all of this as an “only parent” on ONE income.


I’m telling you right now, whatever it is you want in your life, if you want it, if you truly, desperately desire it, it’s yours.


The only thing standing in your way is the belief or the plan.


And I’m going to help you get both. 


I help women to FAST TRACK their freedom, fulfillment and abundance.


More specifically, I will personally help you create the things you want most in your life, be it world travel, a successful business, a rockin’ body, stellar health, better sex, more intimacy and connection, or just more confidence and excitement about your life and who you are.


"I started coaching with Karen at the start of my entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago. She supported me to trust myself more, make hard decisions quickly and move past blocks. Karen’s kind voice on the other side of the phone was enough to help me to centre myself and learn to listen to my intuition. I have moved to a new bigger city to grow the businesses which doubled in revenue 6 months after the move, I learnt to face money and become a good money manager, now I am trusting myself and launched my motorsport technology start-up. As a bonus we identified my secret desire to write a book which is currently a novel unfolding. I have now written almost 100 pages and had fabulous photo taken of myself and my 2.4-meter pet python Shamira. Now hard decisions come easy, I flow with my emotions and I am living the life of my dreams!" 

Priya George

Karen works with women who:


*Are ready to get results NOW*

*Have the means to invest in themselves*

*Are open and willing to do whatever it takes*

*Act quickly and reach out when stuck*

*Take responsibility for their actions*

*Know a better life is waiting for them*

*Won’t let another day go by without something changing*


Really… how much longer can you go on doing it on your own?


Your desire to travel, to earn more money, to have a sexy body, to be with an available man (or significant other), to live more freely and confidently, to build your business, to leave your job, to be THAT WOMAN WHO EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT…”Can you believe she’s…” The woman with the guts, gumption, gusto to live a life as large as her desire…


It’s waiting for you. All of it.


You just have to decide if you’re worth it.


I know you are.

Karen xo

P.S. Are you ready to give yourself permission to live a life of freedom and greater happiness?

"When I started working with Karen, I was exhausted and depleted. I had just been sick for the third time in a few months, I was constantly in motion, and trying to be perfect at everything. Oh, and I wanted to build a business on top of working a full-time job and going to graduate school. Karen to the rescue! In our first conversation, Karen had me to imagine a life where I would have energy, take care of myself, and have enough time to live my dream life. And after only three months of working with Karen, she has helped me to achieve incredible goals! I now have a self-care plan that I use every day which greatly contributes to my well-being. I have more confidence, I’m enjoying better relationships with my family and husband, and most importantly myself. Karen has an incredible gift of being able to listen and pinpoint exactly what’s going on. She doesn’t give me answers or tell me what to do, but rather supports me in my journey and offers guidance. The support I get from Karen is invaluable, and to say she has changed my life is an understatement. I just adore her and would recommend her to any woman wanting to live a bold, brilliant, and rich life!"

Amanda Goldfarb

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